1.Sherpa Momo 9.90
Choice of (chicken or vegetable) steamed dumplings with the flavours of fresh ginger, garlic and specially prepared momo masala. Served with traditional momo sauce. 
2.Chhwelaa Chiura 12.90
Choice of char-grilled buffalo or chicken, capsicum, onion and tomato folded in roasted cumin, garlic and timbur. Served with Chiura (flaky crispy rice).
3. Singada 8.00
Home made curry puffs (samosa) prepared from a mixture of potatoes, peas, spring onions and 
then lightly spiced with bahra masala. Served with a special mint sauce.
4.Poleko Machha 13.90
Barramundi fillets marinated in garlic, cumin and exotic lovage seeds then char-grilled over hot coals.
5. Poleko Kukhura 11.90
Chicken fillets marinated in fresh herbs and freshly ground spices. Roasted in a charcoal clay oven.
6.Kathmandu Platter  14.90 (minimum order of 2)
Platter of Sherpa Momo (chicken), Singada, Poleko Machha and Poleko Kukhura (chicken). 
Served with traditional sauces.


Aago chulo parikar (Charcoal Clay Oven roast)

7. Poleko Charcoal Beef Rump 25.90
Tender beef rump marinated in fresh ginger and garlic, timbur, ground spices and a touch of chilli. 
Served on a bed of Nepalese spinach.
8. Poleko Lamb Cutlet 28.90
Marinated and charcoal roasted succulent lamb cutlets seasoned with fresh ginger and garlic paste, mint timbur and mustard oil. Served with mixed lentil sauce.
9. Chulo Jhingey 27.90
King prawns marinated in a scoop of natural yoghurt, fresh ginger, chilli, and lovage. 
Grilled over hot charcoal and served with vegetables.
10.Poleko Kukhura 24.90
Chicken fillets marinated in fresh herbs and ground spices. Roasted in a charcoal clay oven and served 
on a bed of Nepalese spinach.

Machha masu parikar (Meat & Fish Selection)

11. Lekali Tihun 21.90
Himalayan style chicken dish prepared with special home-made garam masala and fresh herbs.
12. Buffalo Bhutuwa 23.90
Authentic Kathmandu style pan cooked buffalo tossed in mustard oil, fresh ginger and garlic, timbur, 
and mixed fresh herbs.
13. Badami Kukhura 22.90
Smokey flavoured exotic butter chicken style; cooked in fresh tomato, onion, garlic and bahra masala.
14. Khasi Tarkari 23.90
Choice of traditional goat or lamb curry enhanced with whole spices and delicately blended bahra masala.
15.Jhingey Machha Tarkari 24.90
Prawn curry cooked with tomato, onion, garlic, curry leaves, fresh coriander and special bahra masala.
16. Machha Ko Tarkari 23.90
Fish curry cooked with tomato, onion, garlic, curry leaves, fresh coriander and special bahra masala.
17.Daal Bhaat Parikar 27.90
Popular Nepalese platter with a choice of chicken, goat or lamb curry served with Daal (lentil), Bhat (rice) together with Rayo saag (mustard greens) and tomato achar. 


18. Chyau Alu Tarkari 19.90
Mild dish of Mushroom, potatoes and green peas infused with cumin, garlic and chef’s special 
home- made bahra masala. 
19. Jogi Tarkari 19.90
Traditional dish of mixed vegetables flavoured with green pepper, ginger, ground coriander and tomato.
20. Khursani Paneer 20.90
Freshly diced paneer pan-cooked with vegetables, fresh tomatoes, green peas and seasoned with chilli, pepper, garlic and a touch of lime. 
21. Daal Bhaat Tarkari 24.90
Traditional Nepalese platter served with Daal (lentil), Bhat (rice), Mix vegetables, Rayo saag (mustard greens) and tomato achar.


22. Tamra Quantee 9.50
Nepalese festival dish of nine different beans cooked and tempered with fried cumin, exotic lovage seeds and Jimbu (Himalayan herb).
23. Sailung ko Aalu 8.90
Potatoes pan-fried with fennel, cumin, onion seeds and fresh coriander.
24. Ghuren La Bhanta 8.90
Eggplant cooked with potatoes, capsicum, home-made fennel seed paste, mustard seeds and a touch of yoghurt.
25. Pharsi La khu 8.90
Chef’s favourite delightful pumpkin dish seasoned with fresh garlic, dried whole chilli and brown mustard. 
26. Rayo Saag 8.90
Nepalese spinach pan-fried in a dash of mustard oil with turmeric, cumin seeds, crushed garlic and dried whole chilli. 
27. Mismas Daal 8.50
Lentils cooked with fresh garlic, coriander, cumin, tomato and tempered with Jimbu (Himalayan herbs).
28. Clay Oven Chicken Salad 12.90
A fresh salad of clay oven roasted chicken pieces, baby potatoes and mixed salad. Dressed with 
olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper.
29. Dahi 4.90
Natural yoghurt folded into cucumber, mint and topped with fresh tomato.
30. Achar 3.00
Charcoal roasted tomato and garlic achar flavoured with fresh herbs and ground sesame seed. 
This complements any meal.


31. Chamre Bhaat 7.50
Nepalese style aromatic fried Basmati rice flavoured with saffron and rose water.
32. Bhuteko Bhat 7.50
Traditional Nepalese fried rice with peas and cashew nuts complementing any main course. 
33. Sada Bhat 2.00
Steamed ordinary Basmati rice 
34. Lasun Roti 3.90
Traditional style flat bread seasoned with fresh garlic and cooked in a charcoal clay oven.
35. Cheese Roti 4.90
Luscious cheese & red onion roti from the charcoal clay oven
36. Sada Roti 3.50
Plain roti from the Charcoal Clay Oven.


37. Laal Mohan 6.90
Sweet sponge milk dumplings immersed in saffron, cardamom and rose water syrup.
38. Kathmandu ice cream and Laal Mohan 10.90
Nepalese style ice cream made from pistachio nuts, mango and cardamom water is served 
with Laal Mohan.
39. Baileys Almond and Vanilla ice cream 10.50
A combination of delicious Bailey’s almond & vanilla ice cream crowned with chocolate sauce or 
raspberry sauce.
40. Khir and Laal Mohan 9.50
Traditional style rice pudding served with Laal Mohan. 
41. Affogato 12.90
A combination serves of espresso, vanilla ice cream and your choice of liqueur as per availability. 
42. Golden Honeycomb and fresh fruit 9.50 
Natural and luscious locally sourced golden honeycomb served with fresh fruit

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